Have you found a firearm you like and now need a dealer to handle the transfer. The Trophy Room, LLC offers firearms transfers to members of the general public, the military, and law enforcement professionals. We handle transfers of handguns for Virginia residents and military personnel stationed in or living in Virginia. We handle transfers of rifles and shotguns for residents of Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and any other state where it is legal for us to handle the transfer.

We conduct transfers by appointment only.  We only schedule appointments in the evenings on Tuesdays and Thursday and in the morning on Sundays.

The cost of a transfer is $50.00 per firearm, which includes the mandatory Virginia background check fee. Class III/NFA transfers are $102.00. Cash or check. We have no way to process credit cards.

Please contact us in advance via email about handling your transfer. Our email address is If you have already made your purchase, just email us the name and email address of the person shipping the firearm into Virginia. We will take care to get them the paperwork they need from us.  Please send us tracking information for any packages you are having sent to The Trophy Room.  If we do not know the package is coming, it will cause delays in the delivery.

Because transfers are our primary business and we handle them by appointment, there is seldom someone in the office to answer the telephone or waiting around for packages. Therefore, the quickest and easiest way to reach us is by email.

Virginia Resident Transfer

Virginia residents will only need to present a Virginia driver’s license or Virginia DMV issued identification card. The Virginia driver’s license or identification card must contain a current address and be at least 30 days old.

Non-Resident Transfer

The following documentation is required to transfer a rifle or shotgun to a non-resident of Virginia (including Maryland and the District of Columbia):

  1. Home states driver’s license that is at least 30 days old. The name and address on the driver’s license must be current; and
  2. Another document with the same name and address as your driver’s license. Examples could be a voter registration card, utility bill, bank statement, car registration, lease, property tax bill, or concealed handgun permit.

Please keep in mind that in order to transfer a rifle or shotgun, The Trophy Room, LLC must comply with the laws of your home state as well as Virginia law. For example, if the rifle is a regulated firearm under Maryland law (AR-15, AK-47 clone, etc.), Maryland law states that these can only be transferred through a Maryland dealer to a Maryland resident. The Trophy Room, LLC cannot transfer regulated firearms under Maryland law to a Maryland resident.

Transfers to Members of the Military

Members of the military that cannot meet the above requirements can provide the following documentation:

  1. Home states driver’s license that is at least 30 days old. As long as you are active duty, it does not matter if your license is expired; and
  2. Military ID; and
  3. Military Orders or Leave and Earnings Statement (a) putting your permanent duty station in Virginia or (b) putting your permanent duty station in a nearby State if you live in Virginia but your duty station is not in Virginia; and
  4. If you live in Virginia but your permanent duty station is in a nearby state, some document with your Virginia address (e.g., utility bill, bank statement, lease, bank check, etc.).

The Virginia Code provides that military members who reside in Virginia but whose duty station is in a nearby state, such as Maryland or the District of Columbia, are considered Virginia residents even if they do not possess a Virginia driver’s license. This means that you can lawfully purchase handguns and semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15s in Virginia as a Virginia resident.

If you have any questions related to the documentation required, please contact us via email at in advance of making your purchase.